FRANCE 5 - 360 @ | Digital Immersion
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FRANCE 5 – 360 @


Reflexion :

Documentaries allowing viewers to discover far away places are plentiful . Our idea was to differentiate from that and offer the viewers a way to interact with the content on screen.

360@ allows you to discover the world from a whole new and never seen before angle. Following the adventures of Vincent N’Guyen and Jean Sébastien Desbordes. They go out and find the most impressive locations, the most surprising situations and allow you to experience them in 360°.

Action :

From Bolivia to Hawaï, Namibia trough Thailand, our team traveled across the world in order to share incredible experiences at 360°. In the air or underwater, in the middle of the desert or in the busy streets of Bangkok, we had the opportunity to work in various environments. Our expertise brought an ability to quickly adapt to different scenarios and guarantee an optimal 360° experience.


Diffusion :

After downloading the 360@ app on your tablet or smartphone, you simply have to launch it while your TV is on in order to appreciate the exclusive 360° view of the show. The tablet/smartphone synchronization happens trough audio detection, one of the many innovations brought by Digital Immersion

From the cultural enrichment comes a media enrichment allowing a truly novel experience.


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