Composed of 20 passionate individuals with diverse skills and rich backgrounds our team is able to offer dynamic proposals for all aspects of a project.

Photo Julien Levy

Founder, technical director

Julien Levy is an expert in 360° interactive video and 3D. After graduating in 2003 from the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués, he began his career as a 3D rendering and compositing computer graphic designer in France, before deciding to leave to join Disney, also as a computer graphic designer. In 2007, he founded Digital Immersion, the first 360° video production and broadcasting company in France, an immersive reality pioneer with the use of virtual reality helmets.

Photo Raphaël Haddad

Creative Director

Raphaël Haddad is an expert in panoramic media, photo and 360° video. After studying arts and technology, he became a production assistant before creating Extermitent, an audiovisual production company. He then began a new media production venture and became passionate about 360° video. A prestigious player in many new technologies projects, his goals are focused on popularising high-tech media and creating innovative narratives for a consumer public.

Photo Romaric Manovelli

Producer / Sales manager

Romaric Manovelli has been involved since 2007 in a number of entities specialising in NTIC and 360° technologies as a Business Developer. In 2010 he created his own digital communication agency specialising in NTIC exclusively for real-estate. He also took over the 360° video production company “Loop'in" 2011 prior to joining Digital Immersion in 2014. He is now the exclusive contact for communication agencies, media companies and major accounts.